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‘Plant Those Trees’

Virginia and Dirk P. Mosis ’73

Virginia and Dirk P. Mosis ’73

Virginia and Dirk P. Mosis ’73

Virginia and Dirk P. Mosis ’73 appreciate the value of a Naval Academy education and are committed to helping future midshipmen.

As original members of the Robert Means Thompson Society, they recognize the significance of investing in the institution that has had such a profound impact on their lives.

“The further you get away in years on this Earth, you see how important it is to plant those trees for the use of others,” Virginia Mosis said. “When you walk down Stribling Walk, it’s steeped in history. It’s a privilege to be a part and help others who come behind.”

Dirk Mosis traces the success he had in the private sector back to the lessons learned and relationships forged at the Naval Academy. Mosis worked in the commercial real estate industry for the past two decades and is eager to share some of the fruits of his success. He feels it is important to help ensure midshipmen are given the resources and experiences needed to develop into elite leaders.

“I owe that back to the Academy,” he said. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without the Naval Academy.”

As a child, Mosis was enthralled by naval aviators. His family lived in Pensacola, Florida, from when he was 3 years old until he was 11 and he would spend hours watching jets cross the sky. As a teenager, he became enamored by space flight after living near the Manned Spacecraft Center (now known as the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center).

With a father who enlisted in the Navy and served in the Pacific theatre during World War II, as well as two uncles who served their country, Mosis felt the pull of a naval aviation career. However, after his eyes went bad during his second-class year, he shifted his post-commissioning vision to becoming a Marine tank platoon officer.

Mosis became tank platoon commander, 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division before serving as aide-de-camp to Major General Charles Mize ’45, USMC (Ret.). He also was a leadership and law instructor at the Naval Academy and served as lightweight crew coach and mentor to midshipmen thinking about the Marine Corps for Service Selection.

Mize was like a “second father” to Mosis. He said those years (1976-79) back at the Academy created treasured memories.

“It further strengthened my ties with the Academy,” Mosis said.

The Class of 1973’s motto of Non Sibi, or “not for self,” resonates with Mosis. He said he has been blessed during his career, particularly by helping classmates lower their interest rates through USAA Real Estate. His Naval Academy philanthropy was spurred by this same desire to assist others.

Mosis said his collaborations with the Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation have been rewarding. He said he gives back because the USNAAAF is committed to providing the margin of excellence for today’s midshipmen. It is also sowing the seeds that will benefit future Marine Corps and Navy officers.

“Giving back is just what you have to do,” said Mosis, who is the Class of 1973’s president and served as class secretary for 20 years.

“We were extra blessed having capital that we could give back,” said Mosis. “The individuals at the Foundation and the Naval Academy Athletic Association are such fine people. They work hard to provide the margin of excellence. You see it’s well spent and going to good causes.”

The Robert Means Thompson Society (RMTS) was launched in 1996 with 66 charter members. These philanthropists recognized the impact planned giving and charitable remainder unitrusts would have on the future of the Naval Academy. Mosis said his classmate Captain George Watt ’73, USNR (Ret.), was instrumental to him joining RMTS. After reviewing the individual benefits and impact it would have on the Academy, Mosis was onboard.

“This is a no-brainer, saving yourself on taxes and doing a good thing for the Academy,” he said.

As a former Academy crew team member, Mosis is a longtime supporter of the program. He and his classmates partnered with NAAA to help fund the purchase of new crew shells.

“We feel privileged and honored to help the mids,” Mosis said. “We want to help make things better and run smoother. For us, it helps us stay connected to the Naval Academy.”

To learn how you can extend your support of the Naval Academy into the future, contact Patti Bender at at 410-295-4187.

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