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Commander Charles R. Braley Jr. ’48 and Mrs. Braley: Charitable Gift Annuities Support Naval Academy

Commander Charles R. Braley Jr.Information Technology is an area that retired Commander Charles R. Braley Jr., SC, USN knows well. As he says, "I built my career in IT and saw the exciting future that it held."

After graduating from the United States Naval Academy, Commander Braley '48 received his MBA from Stanford University in 1956. Following a staff assignment in the 7th Fleet, he started his career in Electronic Data Processing (now IT) with two "leading edge" projects. He developed a prototype computer center, followed by assignment to a CNO project to provide EDP support fleet-wide for maintenance and inventory management. This involved acquisition of 65 computers and coordinating their installation.

After retirement, CDR Braley was director of information systems for a major corporation and participated in development of a family cellular telephone company until it was sold in 2006.

After the Class of 1948's gift supporting the initial IT major and learning about the Naval Academy Leadership Development Program, CDR Braley and his wife decided to continue giving charitable gift annuities for the Info Tech endowment and the Foundation's Annual Fund. "We were attracted to the life-income option of the charitable annuities," CDR Braley explains. "It is a great way to support the Naval Academy and continue to receive income."

Although he is now retired, CDR Braley and his wife, Mary Goode Braley, like to remain active. The couple has traveled extensively throughout Hawaii and Europe, along with annual visits to his hometown in Oregon. Married 64 years, they have three children, six grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

"I regard my opportunity to serve in the United States Navy as a challenging experience and am pleased to have the opportunity to support the Naval Academy," he says. In giving back, the Braleys' gifts will benefit the IT program and future generations of Naval Academy leaders.

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