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Supporting Education for Your Grandchildren and the Academy

Van Metre family

Captain Jim Van Metre '56, USN (Ret.), and his family

Captain Jim Van Metre '56, USN (Ret.), grew up in a Naval Academy family. His father, uncle and eventually, cousin, were all Academy alumni. "I knew a lot about the Navy and Naval Academy growing up, and being raised mostly by my mother during the war years, I thought going to the Academy would be character building."

It was certainly career building. Van Metre followed his four years in Annapolis with three years on a destroyer in the Atlantic and Mediterranean, later qualifying on both diesel-powered and nuclear submarines. He served as executive officer of a missile sub and commanding officer of a fast-attack sub before wrapping up his career with shore tours in Washington, DC, and elsewhere. Along the way, he and his wife, Nancy, established their family—which includes four children and 10 grandchildren.

The Van Metres showed their support for the Academy through involvement in what is now the Athletic & Scholarship Programs division of the Naval Academy Foundation and have continued their contributions as the Foundation has evolved and expanded. Van Metre has also been an active champion for his class gifts to the Academy and a member of the Foundation's Council on Annual Giving.

"I'm much more wedded to the Academy than I am to destroyers or subs," said Van Metre.

More recently, the Van Metres expanded their Academy philanthropy to include a charitable remainder unitrust (CRUT) that will support the Academy as well as four other nonprofits. They receive a variable payment each year based on the value of the CRUT, which they use to help fund their grandchildren's 529 college savings plans. When the CRUT terminates, the Naval Academy Foundation and the other charities receive the remaining principal to support their missions.

"We believe in the Naval Academy mission," said Van Metre. "Naval Academy grads realize that the government may fund the basic infrastructure and programs, but the Academy's real excellence in academics, sports and outreach to the community comes from additional funding from alumni and other friends."

To learn more about CRUTs, and other ways you can make an impact at the Academy, contact Patti Bender by Email or call 410-295-4187.

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