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Honoring the Academy and an Anniversary


The Bogles' gifts will have a lasting impact on midshipmen at the Naval Academy.

Captain William T.R. "Randy" Bogle '68, USN (Ret.)'s path has led to the Naval Academy many times throughout his life: first as a prospective midshipman at the Naval Academy Preparatory School, then as a proud member of the Class of 1968, a company officer, flag aide to the Superintendent of the Naval Academy, the 76th Commandant of Midshipmen and various times as a volunteer leader for his class and the Alumni Association chapter in San Diego, where Bogle and his wife Joanie make their home.

Today, Bogle, a self-described "twice failure at retirement" who has followed his naval and corporate careers with his current role as Executive Director of the non-profit San Diego Military Advisory Council, is focused on giving back to a place that has given him so much.

"The Academy is a great institution to learn about leadership, character, honor and other qualities I feel played an important role in the rest of my life," says Bogle. "We are blessed to be able to support the Academy in the ways that we have."

The Bogles are longtime members of the Naval Academy Foundation's President's Circle who have focused their giving on the Naval Academy Fund, athletic excellence and the Class of 1968's class projects.

"Through my various relationships with the Academy, I've had opportunities to see what really goes on there in terms of athletics, character development, leadership, academics and so on," he says. "I'm a supporter of the Superintendent's priorities through the Naval Academy Fund and believe strongly in the importance of the physical aspects of being a midshipman."

In addition to the Bogles' history of immediate gifts through the Foundation, beginning in 2017 the Bogles established what they plan to be the first of five charitable gift annuities (CGAs) on their wedding anniversary each year as gifts to each other and for the Academy.

"The CGAs provide us a little income in return, but more importantly, offer an opportunity to continue our long-term support of an institution we consider second to none and to help ensure the Academy continues to grow and improve the programs it provides the young men and women of the Brigade," says Bogle.

To learn more about CGAs, or other ways you can make an impact at the United States Naval Academy Foundation, contact Jenn Macris at or 410-295-4105.

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